The Company

Gossy Warm Springs Limited.

Gossy Warm Springs Limited is a beverage company that prides itself as one of the top providers of natural spring water in Nigeria. Gossy Warm Springs Limited was acquired by Saroafrica International in 2018.

We are positioned to be at the forefront of the healthy living movement. Our goal is to provide beverages that are not just nourishing but are sourced from their natural forms and processed to give consumers the health and wellbeing they seek.

Our lead product is Gossy Natural Spring Water, a bottled water brand in Nigeria which has been in existence since 2003. Its source; Ikogosi Warm Springs in Ekiti state is reflective of our mission to provide healthy beverages. Our natural spring water is free from chemical treatment or additives, properly filtered and naturally infused with minerals and vitamins to provide nourishment and wellness to our consumers.

Gossy Natural Spring Water has been endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation and is the preferred water brand amongst discerning consumers as it guarantees general detoxification and wellness.

Our vision is to be the leader in the natural beverage segment of the FMCG industry within the next decade. We are focused on expanding our product range to cover more categories.