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Gossy Warm Springs Limited is a Food & Beverage company that prides itself as one of the top providers of natural food offerings in Nigeria. Gossy Warm Springs Limited was formerly Warm Springs Waters Nigeria Limited under UAC but was acquired by Saroafrica International in 2018.

Gossy Vision and Mission
Gossy Vision
To be amongst the top 3 in the Natural Foods segment in Nigeria.
Gossy Mission
To provide the full range of natural food offerings that will deliver the healthy lifestyle the consumers seek.
Great Combination of Minerals
  • Magnesium10%
  • Chloride70%
  • Silica60%
  • Calcium30%

The Mystery of nature

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Gossy Natural Spring Water is sourced from Ikogosi warm spring, Ekiti state. In the heart of Ikogosi, a small quiet town lies a warm spring that has received national and international acclaim.
What makes Ikogosi warm spring special is how it has a warm and cold spring flowing side by side.

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Wonderful gift from mother nature

In the heart of Ikogosi, a small, quiet town with rich, local customs, in the Western part of Ekiti State, lies a warm spring which has catapulted Ikogosi-Ekiti to national and international limelight. What is mysterious about the Ikogosi Warm Spring is the fact that, flowing side by side the warm spring, is another spring, a cold one.

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A very distinct attribute of the spring is the fact that, flowing side by side the warm spring, is another spring, a cold one.

According to experts, it is a geological wonder to have such occurrence out of the same rock formation and this is said to be the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world.

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